About Jesus

We are inspired by Jesus’ vision for a world made new, a world where justice and compassion, especially for the marginalised and disadvantaged, are the key values and priorities.

He acted with great courage, vehemently opposing the forces of oppression and exploitation. He acted for peace, not by ignoring injustice, but making peace through promoting justice for all. This ultimately led to the powers-that-be plotting his death. Nevertheless, he has risen to be followed by millions through the centuries.

In Jesus’ love, compassion and action we gain a window into the heart of God. The Spririt of Jesus sustains us in our own discipleship.

For further information on the Uniting Church’s beliefs, see http://uca.org.au/about.

For the Uniting Church’s position papers on peace and justice, go to: http://unitingjustice.org.au.